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  • What is a roof plumber?
    A roof plumber installs gutters, downpipes, flashings and roof sheeting or cladding on residential, commercial and industrial buildings.
  • Can I get a quote over the phone?
    It is not recommended, as we need to see the property to be able to provide proper quotations base on heights, verandas access and other variables.
  • Does anyone need to be home for you to give us a quote?
    We do not require you to be home for us to measure and quote; all we need is access to your property.
  • Can you do a partial repair – say one section?
    Yes we can do partial repairs, however, it is uneconomical to do so and it may be difficult to match existing profiles and colours.
  • Should I use Zincalume or Colorbond for my roof?
    This depends on what look you prefer. Colorbond has Zincalume steel as its base and is then painted with multiple layers using patented methods that have been tried and tested in Australian conditions. Zincalume is a fantastic product with the silver steel roof colour look, but Colorbond is far superior in terms of its durability and comes in 22 different colours.
  • What colours are there to choose from?
    There are a wide variety of colorbond colours for you to choose from as per charts below. These include: Contemporary colours; Classic colours; and Matt colours If you would like to visit the Colorbond website directly please click here
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